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Brow lift alonside facelift and eye lift

Brow lift alonside facelift and eye lift

Last updated on 22 August 2019, Thursday by Dr.Etöz Editorial Staff

In order to achieve more effective and satisfactory results on a patient’s face, facelift and eye lift operations can be applied together with a brow lift operation. There is no disadvantage of performing these procedures at the same time. Dr. Etoz will, of course, make the final recommendation after detailed examinations.

Brow lift with facelift

Any patient considering a facelift can also consider a brow lift. In facelift operation, aesthetic interventions are performed from cheeks to the neck whereas eyebrows are not touched. If the patient’s eyebrows look lower than they should, a brow lift operation is performed along with the facelift operation. If one of the operations is skipped, disorders in facial appearance may occur. For example, the eyebrows may be corrected but the cheeks and neck may be drooping. After thorough examinations, Dr. Etoz will come up with the best assessment and recommendations and explain to the patients in detail what operations they may need.

Brow lift with eyelift

Eyelids should always be evaluated in conjunction with the eyebrows. These two procedures can sometimes be confused but actually they are different processes. Blepharoplasty (eyelift) removes excess fat and skin between the eyebrows and eyelashes. In the eyebrow lifting operation, the position of the eyebrows is corrected and the skin between the eyebrow and eyelash is tightened. Since the problems in the brows and eyelids usually occur at the same time, these two operations are performed together. Nevertheless, the doctor will examine and recommend the most appropriate surgical plan for each patient.

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