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Eyelift for upper and lower eyes

Eyelift for upper and lower eyes

Last updated on 22 August 2019, Thursday by Dr.Etöz Editorial Staff

Most patients who apply for an eyelift operation need their eyelid puffiness reduced and the excess skin and adipose tissue removed from the eyelid area. Taking into account the aesthetic requirements and bodily features of each patient. Dr. Etoz recommends and applies the most appropriate eyelift techniques for the best possible appearance.

Upper eyes

Upper eye lid operation is one of the most commonly requested facial operations. Eyes are the most important component of facial expression and beauty, so an operation on the eyes, including upper eyelid surgery, is crucial and implemented very carefully. The upper eyelid may not only make the person look prettier, but also give the person a younger and more dynamic look. Excessive skin on the upper eyelids makes the face look tired and sick and also may cause functional problems on the eye, like having difficulty reading books at night. The upper eyelid operation aims to eliminate these problems. The operation is performed under local or general anesthesia and the healing process after is also very short.

Lower eyes

The problem with the lower eyelids is the exact opposite of the one with upper eyelids; it is not excess skin, but excess fat that causes bloating in the lower eyelid. The operation focuses on removing excess fat tissue in the lower eyelid. Although no stitching is required in this operation, a pinch of the skin can be removed with a small incision just below the lower eyelashes if the eyelid skin is excessive. It is critical not to remove more fat than necessary in order to give lower eyelids an attractive, dynamic and natural appearance.

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