Hair Transplantation


Hair transplant operation in Istanbul will give you that perfect look you have always dreamed of. You will be treated with the most innovative, scientifically proven and established techniques that meet even the strictest international standards in the field. Understanding your needs and satisfying your expectations to the fullest are our primary goals and core competences, and that make us the best team in Istanbul for hair transplantation.

About fifty percent of men suffer from some form of hair loss known as male alopecia. If you are losing your hair due to daily stress or any other reason, this can negatively affect your appearance and consequently lead to lack of self-confidence and a decline in quality of life. Dr. Etoz and his team are here to give you an uplift not only in your appearance but also the quality of living. Dr. Etoz applies hair loss treatments that involve minimal incision for male alopecia and do not require long recovery periods to achieve the best, natural-looking results. This pioneering technique starts with harvesting of healthy hair follicles from a particular area of the head or body and transplanting them to the affected area. Hair transplantation is the only permanent solution for male pattern baldness. It’s a microsurgical operation that must be performed only in a hospital surgical setting. Compared to conventional surgical procedures, microsurgery needs minimal surgical intervention but requires equal precision and meticulousness.

Sapphire FUE

Sapphire FUE is not a technique in itself but an innovation in the FUE method. In sapphire FUE operations, a special sapphire tip is used for channeling during hair transplantation. Sapphire blades allow smaller channels to be opened than steel blades, which has also affected the healing process positively. Tissue trauma is negligible in sapphire tip technique. No circulation problems and also anti-bacterial due to surface roughness

DHI Technique

DHI Hair Transplantation is a hair transplantation application that has become widespread especially after 2016. In this method, the hair follicles are individually collected from the donor region by the FUE method and placed in the desired region by special medical pens called Choi. Using DHI pens, hair harvesting and hair follicles placement can be performed simultaneously.

Stem Cell

Stem Cell treatment period began in hair transplantation. We take 8-10 roots from the scalp by FUE method. These roots are processed in special stem cell laboratories licensed by the Ministry of Health to obtain special cells called fibroblasts. After approximately 3-4 weeks, we inject the obtained cells into areas with hair problems. We apply 3-4 sessions to our patients with one-month intervals.

Ozone FUE

Ozone treatment stimulates hair follicles and allows cell proliferation. It also nourishes hair cells and reduces hair loss. Ozone treatment also works on the scalp and prevents dandruff. According to the studies, hair loss completely stopped after the fifth session and new follicles were observed in the following sessions.

Hair Mesotherapy

Nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, some antioxidants and protein needed by hair cells are given to hair follicles with the help of fine-tipped and disposable syringes. With this method, the nutrients are transferred directly to the hair follicles. This easy-to-apply method ensures good nutrition of hair cells and prevents hair loss.

PRP Hair Treatment

This treatment method is based on stem cell logic. Plasma provides the secretion of growth factor that triggers the migration and proliferation of stem cells in the injected region, stimulates cell regeneration and revitalization in the injected region, and the hair becomes stronger and healthier. Revitalizes hair follicles and accelerates blood circulation for better nutrition of hair follicles and more oxygen.


Extremely strict about the quality of the service and high performance of each and every member of his team, Dr. Etoz have constantly invested in their personal and professional growth and perfection. He is fully assisted by possibly the most professional and effective team in this field.



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