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Rhinoplasty: the recovery process

Rhinoplasty: the recovery process

Last updated on 22 August 2019, Thursday by Dr.Etöz Editorial Staff

After the rhinoplasty operation, our patients are often discharged on the same or the next day. Bruising may occur under the eyes if the bones need to be reshaped, which would usually be necessary if the nose is wide or if there is a big bump that needs to be removed.

What do I need to do during recovery after rhinoplasty?

You should keep cold compression over the eyes and cheeks for the first couple of days. Bruises are usually gone in about six days.  You can return to work one week after rhinoplasty. It is natural to have some numbness at the tip of the nose; it will go away within two to three months. If Dr. Etoz needs to readjust the bone on the nose, there will be a splint installed on the nose that should remain there for five to seven days after the surgery.

You may start wearing light-weight glasses a month after rhinoplasty and thick-frame glasses three months later. You can return to lightweight workouts two weeks after surgery. You will start noticing the results of the operation in three to four weeks after the operation. Your nose is expected to take its final shape in approximately six months to one year.

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